Hormones: An Intricate Balance

Almost everyone who comes to a functional medicine provider will ponder “I wonder if it’s because my hormones are imbalanced?”. The normal and natural part of aging has been vilified. Why? Well, for one, the internet! It’s easy to blame what we already know to be a normal and natural

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Last Resort: Finding Answers in Chronic Disease

The truth? It is never one thing. Dale Bredesen, MD, coins the analogy of chronic illness as a roof with 45 holes. If we plug up one hole, your floor is still going to get wet. I add that those holes are not all the same size. So let’s take

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How to Treat Viral Respiratory Infections Naturally

First of all, how do you know if it is a cold/virus or bacterial infection? Well, viruses tend to come out of the blue, starting with fevers, chills, body aches, scratchy/sore throat, cough, nasal congestion, sinus pressure, and/or ear pressure/pain/fullness. Bacterial infections are typically localized. Let’s say, like strep. Strep

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Why Functional Medicine? The Space In-Between

You are likely here because you already know what functional medicine is and more importantly what it is not. You are likely here because you are fed up. Tired of nobody listening. Nobody knowing what is wrong. Everybody trying different medications and nothing seems to be working. You are frustrated

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Why Telemedicine? - Illuminate Functional Wellness

Why Telemedicine?

One word… CONVENIENCE! I have so many moms who haven’t been to the doctor in years, as toting their kids around to a doctor’s appointment sounds less than ideal. Especially to an appointment that can last upwards of an hour! Someone will get bored, and someone will need snacks, a

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