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Offering Functional Care via Telemedicine for Patients in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon

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Root Cause Approach

Identify and treat the underlying cause of complex, chronic disease to restore your body to wellness

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Patient-Centered Care

Focus on your individual needs, considering your bio-individuality, history, and wellness goals

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Comprehensive Treatment

Take a systems-based approach to your whole-body wellness, to achieve your lifestyle and health goals


At Illuminate Functional Wellness, our goal is to help you find the light in the darkness. Complex, chronic disease can leave you fearful, frustrated, discouraged, and exhausted, especially if you have not been able to find answers or healing using generic treatment protocols. We want to support you on your health journey by providing answers, hope, and healing through functional practices. 

At Illuminate Functional Wellness, we design a plan for your healing that is centered on your unique bio-individuality and your goals. There is no “one size fits all” treatment plan when it comes to health and wellness. Your genetic makeup, history, and wellness goals are unique to you, and your healing roadmap should be unique to you, as well.

Let us walk with you, helping you navigate the challenging, unexpected, or confusing aspects of your healing journey so that you can be successful in reaching your goals and your optimal wellness.

Illuminate Functional Wellness is currently accepting new patients. Inquire about becoming a patient by filling out the Patient Inquiry Form.


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"I have been seeing Jessica as my functional provider for nearly a year now - and oh how much my health has improved in this year! First, Jessica is warm and personable and extremely easy to talk to regarding my health. She is also very knowledgeable, thorough, asks very insightful questions, and openly works with you to improve your health. Jessica does not dictate what should be done but asks about what approach you want to take and ensures you are comfortable with the choices made. Over the year we have worked on multiple issues and I continue to be impressed with her depth and width of expertise across many concerns - both for her understand of the root causes but additionally the different options available to treat them."

L. B.

Tired of feeling confused and alone on your healing journey?